Dell Laptops Price in Nepal with Specs (Latest 2021)

Let’s check the current Dell Laptops Price in Nepal. Dell has Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Gaming’G’, and a few other series that are currently available in the Nepali market. We have listed some of the Dell laptops with prices in Nepal and Features. If you are thinking of buying dell laptops in Nepal. You can buy from ITTI, LDS, and ZoZo Hub.

We have only listed the latest laptops with 10th, 11th processors which are better than older 8th. 9th-gen CPU Powered.

Dell Inspiron 3000 series Laptops Price in Nepal

We have the Inspiron 3000 entry-level series in Dell’s Inspiron lineup of laptops in Nepal. The company makes the most comfortable laptops under these taglines. Dell Inspiron mainly has Intel UHD Graphics and 4GB or 8GB RAM. You can choose the processor as you want between the Intel 10th gen Comet Lake-U Or 11th  gen Tiger Lake-U CPUs as you can afford.

The Dell Inspiron 3000 series has suitable for young students. For the normal person who needs the requirements from the laptops are basic web browsing, watching movies, maintenance documents from the home or normal office.

Inspiron 3000 Series 

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Inspiron 5000 Series Laptops price in Nepal 

 Laptops price in Nepal 
Laptops price in Nepal

The company has updated laptops of Inspiron 3000 series to 5000 series. These laptops are the mid-range series options of Dell’s Inspiron series. These laptops are built with relatively better performance, quality, and many more.  The laptops of Dell Inspiron 5000 series updates to make the better performance for the students, entry-level programs, and enterprise user and soon.

In this series, you can find 13. 14, 15, and 17 models of Dell Inspiron 5000 Series laptops price in Nepal. These laptops are powered by either Intel or AMD processors. Now the 17 models laptops are not available in Nepal.

Inspiron 5000 Series with Features and Price in Nepal

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Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Laptops Price in Nepal

As the company Inspiron series 3000 to 7000 with low, mid, and high-performance laptops. The Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Laptops are comparatively more powerful performance on a sleek, metallic body, with a luxurious finish.

7000 series are the most suitable for cooperate, enterprise, and other sorts of professional users. These laptops are powered by the 11/10th  gen Intel processor and share a somewhat similar spec-sheet. It has currently sold by ITTI and Neoteric.

Inspiron 7000 Series Laptops With Features and Price 

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Dell Gaming ‘G’ Series Laptops Price in Nepal 

Dell Gaming 'G' Series Laptops Price in Nepal 
Dell Gaming ‘G’ Series Laptops Price in Nepal

In Nepal, Gaming Laptops are been quite big for some time now and the Dell company with Gaming G series laptops is not going to leave the market. There are three options you can choose from with different models and designs, and performance. The three options are ‘G3’, ‘G5’ and ‘G7’ with G-series gaming laptops.

G-series are equipped with decent processors and more importantly, a more powerful GPU. In Nepal, You find gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s, RTX 20-series, Or AMD’s RX 5600M Graphics.

Gaming Laptops Feature and Price 

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Dell Vostro Series Laptops Price in Nepal

In Nepal, the Vostro series is quite a popular series in the Dell lineup. Vostro Series direct targets the cooperation, the user. Vostro series is temporarily discontinued in 2013 but the more company demand this laptop, Now this Vostro Dell series are easily available in Nepal.

As the Dell company continued with the lineup once again and you can buy the latest laptops in Nepal. These laptops are sleek and professional in design and have a decent spec sheet and enhanced security options. Vostro is only available through a third party in Nepal so be careful while buying this laptop.

Vostro Series Features 

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Dell Latitude Series Laptops Price in Nepal 

Dell Latitude Series Laptops Price in Nepal 
Dell Latitude Series Laptops Price in Nepal

The Dell Latitude series is based on the business-oriented lineup of laptops from the Dell the ” Latitude” series. These laptops are available with a more professional design and a great finish. If you are looking for a business purpose then it will be a great option for you.

Nepal doesn’t quite pack a punch especially in terms of graphics so I’d highly suggest you go for a better option in the Inspiron series with a dedicated GPU.

 Latitude Series Laptops Features 

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Dell XPS 13, 15 Series Laptops Price in Nepal 

XPS( Xtreme Performance System) Lineup of convertible laptops is arguably one of the most praise Windows laptops in the world. These laptops have the high-performance capability on a small, compact, lightweight, and unlimitedly portable build. The laptops sacrifice on a powerful GPU and thus isn’t the best video editing and pushing through AAA titles through its price would suggest otherwise. In Nepal, `17 series laptops are not available right now in the market.

Dell XPS Series Features

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