HP Laptops Price in Nepal (Latest 2021)

Let’s check the HP Laptops Price in Nepal. HP is the big name when it comes to Nepal. The HP company manufactures a wide range of laptops which it sells under different brands/lineups. We make a list of HP laptops that are currently available in Nepal along with the specification, features, price, and availability. You can buy the HP laptops listed in Nepal from different stores Like; ITTI, Hub, and LDS.

HP Laptops Price in Nepal
HP Laptops Price in Nepal

HP Laptops Price in Nepal

Tradition Series 

Here, we have listed the most entry-level laptops including the HP Laptops and HP Notebook series. Whereas the aforementioned series are placed higher than HP laptops without a designated series. Here are some HP laptops with Display, CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, and Price in Nepal.

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The pavilion is meant for the mainstream user and thus is more common. These laptops come in all kinds of sizes. Most of these pavilion laptops are mainly used at home for official use. However, Some of the laptops are used for gaming purposes.

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Envy series 

HP Envy series lineup offers more premium laptops than the pavilion but is cheaper than the specter. The list of devices mostly comes with metal chassis and is often slim and sleek. The Envy series offers great specs but for a cheaper asking price than the specter laptops.

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Omen series

The HP omen series is the best gaming device. Omen series is mainly focused on gaming purposes. The Omen has gaming aesthetics and thus looks different from the other laptops. This device is a more powerful high-TDP CPU and a capable GTX or RTX lineup of dedicated GPUs. The company gaming features like RGB lighting, higher refresh rate, and others. It has 8GB RAM and 16GB based for gaming purposes.

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Spectre Series 

The HP  Spectre series laptops are the most premium in HP’s entire lineup. These laptops usually feature chassis built using precision-milled metals. These are thin compare to other laptops. Spectre series are portable enough to be taken to work. This lineup is mostly associated with the best processor, display, storage, and port selection.

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