Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal (Latest 2021)

Let’s Checks the Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal. The Lenovo company always remembers the sturdy build and reliable performance. These laptops are mainly targeted for the business and enterprises. The Lenovo company has built the entry-level- to the gaming beast. In Nepal, if you want to buy Lenovo laptops there is only one official distributor the Mega tech Trade Group.

In our article, we only listed the lasted the 10th, 11th gen CPU Laptops.  We won’t include the 8th. 9th gen Intel CPU powered laptops since they’re dated for the time and you offer for the better performance laptops. So we have listed the Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal with Features.

Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal

1. Lenovo V Series 

Starting our list of Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal is the company’s entry-level V-series. The V-series laptops are very simple to design and are emphasized towards the student, small businesses, and online jobs. As compare to the v-series laptops don’t pack much punch but rather focus on durability, battery endurance, and security.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Series 

Lenovo IdeaPad Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Series

IdeaPad series is a great choice for the user who is looking for laptops to get them through the everyday task. As these laptops don’t have high-end specs. These laptops can only be used for running web browsers,  text editors, and less demanding applications.

Lenovo IdeaPad Series Features and Price

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3. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Series

The Company only built a few gaming laptops under the IdeaPad lineup. These laptops come with the more powerful intel-series CPU and the dedicated GTX lineup graphic card. However, they are no match for the premium legion series.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Series Price and Features

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4. Lenovo Flex Series

Lenovo Flex series Price and Features 
Lenovo Flex series Price and Features

Lenovo Flex laptops can be used as a regular laptop and also a tablet. These are designed to meet the performance and multimedia needs of the user. Flex series are powered by the Intel Core or AMD Ryzen Processor. Flex series laptops are powered by the Snapdragon processor but are not available in Nepal. These devices are 2-in-1 laptops that are ideal for looking for a slim, powerful device that they can draw on as well.

Lenovo Flex series Price and Features 

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5. Lenovo Yoga Series 

As the Lenovo company produce highly flexible laptops. You can choose between the Ultrabooks and 2-in-1hybrids. In this series of laptops, you get a touch screen and 360-degree hinges and they can switch between the laptop and tablet models. Lenovo Yoga series takes it even further with detachable Bluetooth keyboards, but these are not available in Nepal right now. So you can buy for another country.

Lenovo Yoga series Price and Features 

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6. Lenovo ThinkPad Series 

Lenovo ThinkPad Series 
Lenovo ThinkPad Series

The Lenovo ThinkPad Series is designed for business use. ThinkPad series come with additional technology and solution for businesses. As you may know that ThinkPad T series is home to the flagship business laptops. And the X-series offers PC-level performance and functionality in a portable form factor. It has another Series i.e E which is targeted at small businesses. It also features Think Shield for added security.

Lenovo ThinkPad Series Price and Feature 

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7. Lenovo Legion Series 

The Lenovo Legion Series is all about gaming series with the best performance given by the Lenovo company. It is equipped with the latest and fastest processor to meet the need of gamers. Similarly, there also feature top-end discrete graphics from NVIDIA. Other features include advanced cooling and gaming aesthetics like bulky design and RGB lighting.

Lenovo Legion Series Price and Features 

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